Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Playing Catch up!

I was going to try to do one post that captured our summer through pictures....but found that this summer we had a lot of fun and couldn't fit it all into one post! Here is a glimpse of June in random order b/c I cannot reorder the pictures!

My roommate from college came to visit with her baby girl Caroline. It was so fun to see her and the boys loved meeting Caroline!

Nate was such a good helper and entertained the babies with this toy. I have never heard Asher laugh like this.

The boys also enjoyed watching things in the washer.
We called grandma and she told the boys stories.
Asher and Caroline didn't interact too much but we had fun posing them!
I took the boys to the beach by myself once. I learned that it is possible but I don't enjoy doing it. I can't be in three places at once.
I also learned that Caleb enjoys looking at tractors but doesn't like it when they come near him.
Asher loves giving big smiles.

Nate enjoys taking care of Asher. Here he is giving Asher his special blanket and telling him it is ok.

We also went on lots of walks. This is one of my favorite pictures. :)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


When Pete got Nate up from quiet rest time he told him, "let's put on your shorts and go have some fun." That is just what they did. Is it any wonder that the next morning Nate asked me, "are we going to put on my shorts and go have some fun?" What a great memory. Caleb wasn't as enthusiastic as Nate but still enjoyed having daddy hold him and run through the sprinkler.


My boys love to press buttons (both figuratively and literally). One of the newly discovered button pushing opportunities is on the fridge. Ironically discovered the same afternoon as the "great bean explosion". Busy afternoon for the big boys.


One bean. No big deal.
Thousands of Beans....sigh.

Monday, November 2, 2009


Lately things have been missing around our house.

Not surprising b/c Caleb has been able to open the trash can and loves to put things in. He will throw away his dirty diapers. Which is nice. However, I think that he has also thrown away a few other things. Like some of Nate's favorite cars. Oh well. I did catch him throwing away his shoe...not the cheap 5 dollar shoes...

..then Nate's crocs went missing. I thought that I didn't notice them being thrown away and that they were history.

Until I found them this morning.

In the dryer.

The load that I had washed and dried.

His shoes are very clean now.

I'm still not sure who put them in the washer. Oh well.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Park play

We decided to check out a park that was close to our house. We had a great time! There was a pirate ship where Caleb and I played hide and seek. He found me. I love this smile.
It also had some fun slides.

We did have fun, but we had forgotten the park phenomenon. For some reason being at a park makes Nathaniel poop. Unfortunately he had on underwear. Fortunately I did not throw up. However, that ended play at the park.
**This was the first accident that he has had yet! Woo hoo for potty training. Now if we can figure out how to avoid the park pooping thing we will be good!

Just like daddy

The much anticipated game. (at least for Pete) I knew that it would basically mean that Pete would desire to (but not always) play 24/7. Thankfully he beat it rather quickly. Trying to be just like daddy
And another gamer in the works.
Oh, and another hat wearer. :)

One of my favorite pictures of Caleb. He loves his daddy so much and when he comes home it is like all is finally right in Caleb's world.